This is a really lovely walk with spectacular views and a variety of surfaces, but it is slightly more challenging due to the rolling hills and the fact that Nutbourne is in a bit of a valley in comparison to the starting point, so there are some reasonably step inclines. It’s also a longer walk starting at the end of Natts Lane in Billingshurst and covering aound 9.5 miles burning 1,200 calories in 19,800 steps.

From the end of Natts Lane follow Marringdean Road up to the start of the Kinglsey Chase development on the right hand side, just after the junction with Blackthorn Avenue, then follow the app/path round the back of the development to set you on your way.

There’s one part of the footpath that takes you around the edge of a vineyard, but the gate looks as though it’s fenced off. It isn’t (see the pic below) – you will need to walk around the vines to the opposite corner of the field where you will rejoin the signposted footpath. If you are following the app it looks as if you go straight across, but it soon becomes obvious you need a little detour!

The Rising Sun, known affectionately as The Riser, is a great little pub with a good garden and great food… just the place to break your walk.