This nice flat walk starts off from outside The Old Railway pub on Upper Station Road in Henfield where Henfield Station once was on the Downs Link railway. There is plenty of parking in the vicinty and once parked the signs to the Downs Link are easy to spot. Head off south down Station Road opposite the pub, then follow the Downs Link pathway towards Bramber. After a couple of miles or so you will come to the River Adur where you turn right and follow the river bank until you reach the old Downs Link once again and head back down to the pub for a welcome livener.

The Downs Link is a fabulous flat and mainly dry track suitable for little legs, bicycles and buggies, but the river bank can be lumpy and muddy, so a quick 3.5 mile out and back to the river is a lovely alternative to the full loop, with great views and plenty to see.

The pub was well known as the Cat and Canary before the name change a few years ago, and also offers a welcoming family friendly outdoor cafe at the Sidings Garden Kiosk.

The walk is a very flat and easy 5.7 miles, taking around 12,000 steps and burning nearly 600 calories