There are amazing walks not far awayp that we never knew about, and this one was well worth the effort. We call it the Holmwood Common Loop, but it’s a walk through the woods, and out across open farm land with fabulous views and varied terrain.

But let’s start at the beginning! We parked on the road on Spook Hill near St. John’s Church in North Holmwood, and that the location in the first location link. We then followed the footpath in front of the church up onto the common and towards Fourwents Pond. This area is really worth an explore in itself, so if you don’t want to follow our route you will find plenty of fabulous trails in and around the woods. It’s a great destination for dog walkers, and with paved tracks it’s also very child and buggy friendly. There’s plenty to do and see, little trails that lead off the main tracks, and signposts everywhere. If you want to park in a designated parking area our second location link will take you to the parking at Fourwents Pond, and there are several other options.

Starting from St John’s mean you get most of the uphill section out of the way at the start of the walk, plus if you are following our route (which isn’t really a designated pub route) there’s a very handy pit stop at the Royal Oak when you are almost back to where you started.

The walk takes a couple of hours and will burn around 550 calories in just over 11,000 steps.