The reason we love this walk is because it’s long enough to get some really good exercise and has a whole load of variety. From paths through the village, to riverside, woodland, fields and so on. Plus plenty to see along the way.

The main walk is a little over 7.5 miles, but if you are not feeling that energetic there is a shortcut to bring it down to just under 6.

As with all walks that start in Billingshurst, there are plenty of places to park and join the walk, but for this one we have suggested parking on the old Newbridge Road, and heading off over the bridge back into Billingshurst. This way you get the road part of the walk done early on and will only have a short walk back to your car after your well earned pitstop at the Limeburners.

The longer route should take about 14.65k steps burning around 800 calories, or the shorter route around 11.5k steps and about 600 calories. Both routes have links below.