We have walked this route several times over the summer, in both directions, and love it. There are a variety of paths and tracks, fabulous woodlands and bridleways, and plenty to see. It’s generally a pretty flat and easy walk (as are most of the routes around Billingshurst), and just another example of the beautiful Sussex countryside.

If you are driving into Billingshurst it’s easy to park around the Natts Lane area, then head off south up Marringdean Road. Shortly after you pass Honeysuckle Drive on your right you will see the footpath round the back of the Kingsley Chase development so just follow the path on the app and enjoy the walk.

It takes around two and a half to three hours and burns about 800 calories in 1,600 or so steps. On your way back look out for the Blue Idol Quaker Meeting House, and the old Quaker burial ground.

As you get towards the end of the lane from South House Farm, bear off right through the field once again and into Rosier Wood where you will pick up the path back to Natts Lane.