We call this the Swing Bridge Loop as it’s a great walk out from Billingshurst across fields and woodland past Lording’s Lock and down the old Wey and Arun Canal to Haybarn Swing Bridge.

From there it’s back up to Black Gate Lane, through the woods, tracks, lanes and fields until you cross the A29 and the Hadfold Farm airstrip which will bring you back into Billingshurst around the back of the Kingsley Chase development and down Marringdean Road.

At around seven and a half miles this walk is not for the faint hearted but it’s a relatively easy walk with just a few small inclines. There are terrific views towards Wisborough Green and up and down the canal. It takes us around two and half hours, but with everything there is to look at, and at a more sedate pace it could easily take an extra hour.

A 7.5 mile walk the burns roughly 755 calories in 15,500 steps.