About halfway between  Petworth and Midhurst along the A272, there’s a pub called The Halfway Bridge which is an excellent spot to start a very pleasant walk up country lanes, over fields, through a vineyard, and along the banks of the river Rother. There’s plenty of easy parking in the lane behind the pub, and after a pleasant three and a half mile walk you’ll find a very warm welcome for a meal, a snack or just a drink, in this fabulous pub.

The area around Lodsworth has varied and slightly hilly terrain which, in places, give great views over the countryside to both the North and South Downs, and if you are in search of a quieter less crowded wander through the countryside this walk has to be a good option.

Once you have parked your car, head off away from the pub over the river bridge and up the lane. After a short distance up the incline, take the left turn to follow the track, and then keep an eye on the route in the Footpath App. There are so many great views and distractions that it’s easy to miss a turn – but with the route planned for you, you won’t get lost.

Overall it’s just over 3.5 miles, takes about 7,500 steps and burns around 365 calories