This is a great walk, not least because when you drive between the two, on the A281, it seems a long way but walk and it’s lovely. Easy varied, undemanding, terrain and countryside with plenty to see. Not to mention two pubs that are very handily located on opposite sides of the walk meaning you have a halfway house whether you start in Rowhook or Rudgwick, plus a welcome refresher at the end of your walk!

We have kept this walk as free access because it’s an ideal example of how the map works in the Footpath App. At some point during the walk it’s easy to get a bit confused as to which track you should be following, but with the GPS showing your location you can easily see if you have wandered off the route and quickly get yourself back on track.

We started off in Waterlands Lane in Rowhook. If you follow it up to the top there’s a handy layby on the left where you can leave your car. Then the start of the walk is the bridleway that looks like it’s going though someone’s drive and garden, but you’ll soon be deep into the woods. If you start in Rudgwick there are numerous places to park and you can then just wander up to the King’s Head on Church Street, where you head off up past the church itself.
We do try to keep our walks away from roads without a footpath but, on this one, when you emerge from the fields at Rowhook there is a short stretch to walk along before you get to the Chequers, so be vigilant and take care.

The walk is around 5.4 miles, and burns about 545 calories in roughly 10,900 steps. We have included the links for two What3Words locations which give directions to possible parking locations in Rowhook and Rudgwick so you can choose where to start.