This is a well-known easy and scenic wander along the River Arun by Houghton Bridge to South Stoke, then over the river and stroll back across the fields and down a country lane via North Stoke. There are a couple of small hills to climb along the way, but nothing exceptionally strenuous although it does get the heart going a bit! Along the way you will cross the little suspension bridge that was built by the Ghurkas in 2009 – and with a little imagination you can be another celebrity leaving the jungle!

Start at Amberley Station, cross the road and walk the loop anti clockwise, because with a bit of forethought you will end up at the Bridge Inn on your way back to the station, the perfect place for a little refresher. Something to consider is that the River Arun is tidal, and at high tide some of the river path can become flooded, so check tide times and remember high tide can be a couple of hours later than on the seafront.

There is easy and ample parking at the station, and refreshments at The Bridge Inn or across the road at the Riverside Tea Rooms, where you could also hire a self-drive boat if you want to make a day of it and explore the river a bit more.

The walk is approximately 4.75 miles and burns around 475 calories in about 10,000 steps.

 The second ‘Visit the Pub’ link takes you to the Tea Rooms and Boat Hire website.