Here’s a walk we do quite regularly, partly because we love it, the views and the varied terrain, and partly because; when you think about it, it seems quite a long way! But get going and enjoy the countryside and it’s not as far as you think – and even better because you can catch the train one stop to get back.

We have walked this route in spring, summer and autumn so have planned two routes, one for when it’s dry, and one for the wetter seasons when you may prefer to keep out of the mud a little more.
There’s plenty of sites to enjoy all the way, but by the time you get to the northern outskirts of Pulborough at the top of Codmore Hill, you start to drop down to the village across the gallops at Coombelands, and the views south towards the South Downs are beautiful.

The walk takes you round the back of Tesco Metro to join up with Church Lane, and the path that leads you down to the station. Needless to say, this is a great walk that you can do in either direction.

It’s around 7 miles ones way, and will burn approximately 700 calorie in about 13,000 steps.