Here’s a lovely walk from Billingshurst Jubilee Fields to the Bat and Ball at Newpound, last walked on Saturday 29th August 2020.

It’s just under 4 miles return following paths and across fields past Tedfold Stud and the Wey and Arun Canal. An easy walk although there are a few small inclines which make it a little more stenuous than an all flat walk, but with the fabulous food and relaxing beer garden at pub, it makes it a worthwile trek with a great watering hole at mid point.

As it’s all off road, apart from two crossings, bear in mind the the paths are country footpaths and as such the surfaces change with the weather. If you are making this walk during the wetter months it may be sensible to wear a pair of sturdy waterproof boots, if not welly boots.

Overall it takes about 7,600 steps and burns about 385 calories